About Us

PenSoft Technologies Inc. is an IT consulting and professional services firm based in Dallas, TX since 1997. We aim to provide our clients end-to-end consulting, technology and outsourcing services across the IT spectrum. We create phenomenal synergy by enabling and improving businesses through custom business solutions through software design, development and implementation.

We understand that teamwork is the major determiner of success. We team up with the client's in-house personnel to realize the spirit of the saying that "Together We Can Achieve More." As the right people are the key to each project's success, we have focused on building teams with people who are trained, experienced and present the right professional attitude.

Our experience tells us that, the globally integrated enterprise is the reality of today. The global businesses' success is greatly dependent on its offer of quality services, readily available and deployable anywhere, with quick response times to meet the market demands. Today, those businesses that are innovative, smart, and connected prosper and those that don't face the risk of getting left behind.

At PenSoft Technologies Inc., we have successfully adopted innovative methodologies to achieve robust and cost-effective consulting, technology and outsourcing services. We provide a pragmatic approach for the continuous improvement of businesses that represents the true spirit of our services portfolio.

Our clients that range from large-scale enterprises to SMEs have gained phenomenally from our innovative techniques. PenSoft Technologies Inc. adoption of collaborative innovation practices has transformed the way each IT project is designed, developed and delivered to the client.

By providing the right development environment and suite of tools that each client's project demand, we assure competitive position of the client in the market and sustain success for longer timeframes.

Our collaborative innovation techniques in consulting, technology and outsourcing space provide complete turnkey solutions. At PenSoft Technologies Inc., we recognize that ongoing and timely adoption of new technologies is necessary for long-term marketplace success.

Our tight development cycles bring the first-mover advantages with greater market share assured. We help our clients to reduce costs, time to market and increase responsiveness to customer needs.

Our collaborative innovation methodology helps you to achieve the following benefits.

  • Early adoption of innovative technologies
  • Greater access to skills and expertise
  • Achieve reduced costs and reliability
  • Achieve increased revenues
  • Easy access to markets and customers
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased speed of delivery and strategic flexibility
  • Move from fixed to variable cost regime
  • Promote shared services and collaborative models
  • Reduce risk and capital investment